Crisis in Vincentian sports

In the case of the NLA the organisation does not and has never possessed the relevant competencies for the added responsibility of the Victoria Park. The parameters for the operations of the NLA are significantly different.
It seemed almost inevitable therefore that conflict would have arisen between the leadership of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, SVGFF, and that of the NLA.
When the Victoria Park was under the ambit of the Kingstown Town Board, the latter organisation was itself plagued by the same critical problem.
The Kingstown Town Board was never designed to undertake responsibility for a sporting and recreational facility such as the Victoria Park. It lacked the necessary competencies and ended up being essentially a money collection institution in so far as use of the Victoria Park was concerned.
Today, the Victoria Park is still in the hands of the incompetent authority only this time it is the NLA and not the Kingstown Town Board.
Perhaps this is simply because the governmental authorities remain uncommitted to the decision-making that is required in respect of the precise usage of the Victoria Park.
In the absence of the construction of a major entertainment centre in the Kingstown area, entertainers will still see the Victoria Park as their venue of choice.

The Victoria Park
No one in Government, past or present, has ever really systematically thought through the institution that is the Victoria Park. What is this institution? What is its purpose? Who are its primary stakeholders? What is the relationship between the Victoria Park and the overall mandate of the Kingstown Town Board?
In the absence of any serious analysis having been undertaken the Victoria Park has really been little more than a bone of contention.
On the one hand the football fraternity saw it as its legitimate home, especially in the aftermath of the creation of the Arnos Vale Sports Complex. On the other hand, the entertainers of this country saw the Victoria Park as the single largest venue to allow for the hosting of major shows.