Crisis in Vincentian sports

But football is only one sport that is in this quandary and it would also be unfair to seek to correct the existing malaise simply to facilitate football. However, given its popularity one cannot deny that football should receive some priority in terms of attention paid to its various and multifaceted needs.
Athletics has been able to access scholarships and leads other sporting disciplines here in terms of regional and international sports achievements yet finds itself marginalised in large measure in respect of adequacy of facilities.
There is great urgency in respect of dealing with the crisis in terms of our sports facilities that cannot be overlooked.
There has to be clear policy guidelines for the national sports development process in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Sports associations are national broad-based institutions responsible to their membership and to the regional and international representative organs of the sport to which they are affiliated. They must be accorded greater respect.
We would do well to begin by facilitating dialogue among national sports associations as a critical policy for the development of Vincentian sports.