CWC 2007 and Caribbean leadership

Then there is the thorny matter of the hotel rooms.

In almost every one of the Caribbean countries hosting games during the Cup, whether warm up matches or otherwise, there are significant accommodation problems.
It seems that the idea of using tourist class luxury liners is now completely out of the question. It seems that arrangements in respect of commencing negotiations were much too late and the people in the region seemingly had little or no idea of the tremendous costs attendant thereto. In some countries where plans are afoot to actually construct hotels and other types of accommodation that targets the World Cup there are immense fears about the capacity of our people to meet construction deadlines. The norm is for extensive overruns, a la the Grantley Adams Airport Terminal expansion or the Hilton Hotel project in Barbados.
In the end not many of the hosting nations appear comfortable with the number of rooms available given their expectations in terms of people travelling to attend the Cup.

Transportation, Wickets etc.,.
Add to all of the foregoing the tremendous problems attendant to the air and internal transportation of teams and supporters even as the remainder of the peoples of the region go about their daily travel across the same archipelago.
There are worries about the ability of existing carriers to transport the expected numbers and this is disturbing with a few more weeks to go before the Cup begins.
Then there is the matter of the preparation of the actual playing surfaces, the wicket. In a number of cases the wickets would have been laid so close to the actual commencement of the World Cup that even the host West Indies would be as much strangers to how they would actually play on the day of a match as would the other teams in the competition.