CWC 2007 and Caribbean leadership

No one wants to see us fail.
The governments are afraid of failing and the embarrassment it would cause. They are not at all happy with the fact that the WICB seems to have suddenly become all too reliant on them to provide the infrastructure but not partake in the emergent spoils should any be realised.
Even within the bowels of the WICB there seems to be some turmoil. Already some leaders of constituent Boards are wondering whether they made the correct decision in electing Ken Gordon. Suddenly the Caribbean entrepreneur appears, at least to some, to be placing his faith in fellow entrepreneurs while the leadership of the respective Boards seems to be increasingly marginalised.
One wonders if there is any truth to the claim by some that there may well be a proposal looming to change the structure of the Management of West Indies Cricket; that there may be a move to have the President elected then have the President empowered to appoint a Board that does not necessarily have members from the constituent Boards across the region.
The Ken Gordon approach seems to be that once the money matters are dealt with and this by entrepreneurs, then all other things would be added thereto.
That is not necessarily the case. Ken Gordon and others around him should understand that at the end of the day money is thrown into viable products. There has to be concerted effort aimed at significantly improving the product that is West Indies Cricket.
CWC ’07 has all the region’s political leaders in dire straits.