CWC2007 gets dose of reality

It seems that Barbados has taken an approach directed by a long term vision. This vision has been made known to the populace even as the construction of several facilities has been undertaken. There is no secret in the process and the planning is taken very seriously.
Perhaps this is because Barbados is already so well established in the business of sports tourism while many of the others in the region are yet to understand the concept.
So, the WICB is perhaps licking its lips in anticipation of the finances that are likely to accrue to itself via the sale of television rights, memorabilia and whatever else the International Cricket Council (ICC) throws in its direction.
At the same time the peoples of the region are yet to learn from the same WICB precisely what are its own expenditures in this massive undertaking of playing hosts to the CWC2007. The governments of the region appear not to have shown any genuine interest in knowing this aspect of the process in which they have so eagerly allowed themselves to be drawn in.

The Opening Ceremony
The cost of hosting the CWC2007 is finally beginning to hurt in several different quarters in the Caribbean and some parties appear to be acting on their pain.
A case in point is the Opening Ceremony of the CWC2007, scheduled for Trelawny, Jamaica, on Sunday, 11 March 2007.
According to initial reports the Opening Ceremony being planned is expected to be most spectacular and the organisers are keeping the content very close to their chests. There is word that the event will feature the diversity of the region. That should prove very interesting since we are not at all certain of how this very diversity blends into a regional cricket team while it does nothing for us in so far as socio-cultural, economic and political integration are concerned.
Figures thrown around the region indicate that some $5m USD was the original estimated cost of the Opening Ceremony. The meeting of this expense is to be shared by the triumvirate of the ICC CWC West Indies 2007, the tourist boards in the eight participating countries and the eight Local Organising Committees (LOC).