CWC2007 gets dose of reality

Perhaps it was finally recognised that the cost was ridiculous for the regional institutions, especially the governments already burdened with the construction of facilities that forced a change of plans. We are now being told that the organisers have opted for an Opening Ceremony that is produced by the Jamaican LOC only.
Interestingly the head honcho of the CWC2007, Chris Dehring, had to find the right words to say when the time came for the truth to be revealed. According to Dehring, "We have decided to put together an opening ceremony to fit the pocket of the region and to suit the status of the event … and that is what we are going to do."
The simple truth is, what else can he and the others do? The money is already in scarce supply and the stakeholders may well not be in a position to hang their economic hats any higher that they already are.
The cost of the Opening Ceremony will remain as shared expenses of the aforementioned trio of institutions and that still remains a heavy burden.
The truth may well be that the organisers have also finally come to the realisation that unlike the former countries that hosted the Cricket World Cup, the West Indies is not a contiguous land mass and the populations are very dispersed across miles of water. The majority of Caribbean people are already committed to going to matches close to home and can ill afford the expense of witnessing live an Opening Ceremony, however spectacular that may be. In light of this the Opening Ceremony must be seen as a venture for the television and whoever visitors from outside the region can undertake the challenge and related expenses.
The realism hit home and left one of the organisers being quoted  in the Jamaica Gleaner as saying, "We want the stadium to be packed to capacity, but obviously most of the people attending, 90-95 per cent of the people attending will be locals, will be Jamaicans”.
The CWC2007 may well only now glean an understanding of the problems that have for decades plagued our collective development as a region. It is probably the main reason why to this day the region is really marketed to the world tourism market as separate countries offering different things at different prices with no real sense of togetherness, harmony and cooperation. It is really a case of ‘every man for himself, economically’.