CWC2007 gets dose of reality

Prior to agreeing to host the CWC2007 it does not appear that the organisers addressed appropriately the matter of accommodation in the region. Perhaps it was a case of them assuming that if there were not enough rooms the governments would simply agree to build them in much the same way that they are constructing the playing facilities.
For some time now the organisers have been expressing concerns about the region’s capacity to meet the estimated accommodation needs.
Barbados, for example, is normally overcrowded whenever there is an English tour of the Caribbean. The CWC2007 therefore will mean that the already stacked little island nation will not be able to facilitate the projected numbers.
The Barbados LOC and government have been eagerly pursuing the path of encouraging Bajans to meet the requirements for offering Bed and Breakfast services to the expected visitors. There is still great doubt as to whether the best organised tourist-oriented nation in the region can meet the estimated visitors’ accommodation needs.
The story is repeated around the region and we may well find some countries silently hoping that the estimated arrivals do not materialise lest they be totally embarrassed.
ad and Tobago simply does not have enough quality hotel rooms to accommodate much more that the expected teams. Guyana is also struggling while Grenada is still recovering from the disaster that was hurricane Ivan in terms of adequacy of accommodation.
The talk of using Cruise Liners may well be just hot air in light of the fact that the major companies would have already determined their schedules for the year and would probably not be available even now. This would mean seeking other sources from farther afield. The closer to the event that this option is pursued the less likely we are to find those interested offering low costs.
But a place to sleep is not all there is to the servicing of the expected visitors. There is also the matter of providing quality service.