Developments in Athletics

Discussions are currently being held in respect of the implementation of an additional approach to the introductory programmes in athletics, Athletics Canada’s Run, Jump, Throw modules accompanied by the use of Dartfish Technology for engaging in biomechanical analyses of even the young runner.
The talent identification process implicit in the aforementioned programmes being implemented and considered by TASVG would see the establishment of this nation’s first Athletics Academy in 2006. This would be a means of better preparing athletes for success in the future.
The introductory programmes would serve as the veritable nursery for athletics developments in St Vincent and the Grenadines and would eventually narrow the gap in athletic performance between local athletes and athletes from other countries in the Caribbean.

More developments
TASVG has invested in coaches for several years and has every intention of holding more programmes aimed at facilitating the accreditation of more coaches to better service the nation and fulfil the objective in the strategic plan.
The current programme while in some ways a disappointment certainly would offer this nation some more coaches to work in the field to develop the sport.
There has to be a concerted effort at ensuring that the training received does not go to waste and that the coaches are assigned to different areas to work immediately following the completion of the course.
Those coaches who have qualified for the CECS Level # 2 would also have to put in enough hours of committed work to receive the support of TASVG to go further in the profession.
No aspect of athletics is to be left untouched.
TASVG’s Coaches’ Commission has to be systematically developed and would have representation on the TASVG Executive as is already the case with the Athletes’ Commission. The Commission would be affiliated to the coaches’ arm of the NACAC, NACACTFCA, thereby involving them in the IAAF’s overall Coaches’ Commission, facilitating the development of our coaches.
Woodrow Williams has been trained at the Regional Development Centre (RDC) of the IAAF in Puerto Rico as a National Technical Officials’ Instructor. His mandate is to develop the cadre of technical officials in the state enough to facilitate the establishment of TASVG’s Technical Officials’ Commission. Incentives are also in the works for this category of personnel within TASVG.
Athletes have their own representation on TASVG’s Executive, a feature that commits them to hold their own meetings and bring to the organization their own needs and views on matters affecting them. Scholarships are being sought for athletes across the globe in an effort to raise the performance bar given our limited resources.
There is little doubt that should Vincentians take seriously the several training opportunities in the different career fields within athletics that we can fashion a development pr
ocess that shall stand as the envy of the region.