Selection based on the discretion of the Selection Commission
The Team Athletics SVG’s Selection Commission may select to any squad eligible athletes who have not achieved the above objective performance standards, 3.1.1 after consideration of any factors deemed pertinent.
The Executive Committee of Team Athletics SVG is the final determinant of the whether the selected athletes travel to compete at the designated competitions after consideration of the financial requirements and any other factor(s) deemed pertinent.
Only performances achieved at competitions sanctioned by the IAAF, its Area   Association or National Member Federation and must be conducted under IAAF Rules.
The athlete must have received the sanction of Team Athletics SVG to participate in the aforementioned Competition(s)
Overseas Athletes
For overseas athletes the results must be achieved at competitions organized or authorized by the IAAF, it’s Area Association or National Member Federation, and must be conducted under IAAF Rules.
Results must be substantiated with official documentation and must be based on official results published and released at the time of the event. Wind readings and implement certification must be recorded on results to guarantee their validity.
It is the sole responsibility of the athlete or Coach or his representative to submit performances to Team Athletics SVG.