Appeals for Selection
Appeals of team selection decisions may only be submitted by athletes who consider that they have been given an unfair deal.
Appeals must be submitted to Team Athletics SVG immediately following the release of the team and ideally no later than the deadline for Final Entries of the particular Competition. Appeals must be hand delivered by the Athlete or his/her representative to the General Secretary, Team Athletics SVG. Overseas-based athletes can communicate their appeals directly to the Secretary of Team Athletics SVG using its official email address,  vin@mf.iaaf.org.
Where the appeal relates to injury or illness, the athlete must supply documentation from the Medical Practitioner who diagnosed the illness or injury. In deciding such Appeals Team Athletics SVG may obtain input from the designated Medical Practitioner.
Appeals will be decided by the Executive Committee of Team Athletics SVG.
Injured athletes must be examined by the Medical Personnel, approved and recommended by Team Athletics SVG
All selected persons would be subjected to a Final Medical two weeks prior to the teams’ departure. Failure to subject themselves to this medical would mean automatic withdrawal from the team.
Once selected all athletes must maintain and prove their competitive fitness up to the time of competition.
Athletes must make themselves available to attend any scheduled Training Camp or Session organized and/or approved by Team Athletics SVG.
The Athlete and/or his/her Coach must provide the Team Coach, when appointed with a copy of their Training Programme.