Environmental awareness at the heart of Arnos Vale

The Arnos Vale Sports
Complex was the centre of attention on Saturday last, 6 December, when the Junior Olympians joined forces with the Sport and the Environment Commission of the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Olympic Committee, to plant a number of trees – Yellow Poui, Oleander and Palm – along the mound on Arnos Vale # 2.
Nigel Weekes, the head of the tree planting project, expressed his own joy at being involved in what promises to be a major challenge – planting different species of trees at sporting venues and having the nation’s sports personnel working collectively to ensure that the trees reach maturation, lending beauty, shade and atmosphere to the environment in which our athletes play.


SVGNOC President, Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey

Newly appointed Operations Manager at the NSC, Lauron Baptiste, extended greetings on behalf of the organisation and committed his staff and himself to ensuring adequate supervision and maintenance of the new plants.

President of the National Olympic Committee, Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey, expressed his organisation’s commitment to partnering with the National Sports Council in the tree planting ceremony at several of the nation’s sports arenas.

“The environment plays an increasingly important role in the international sport movement spearheaded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)”. So said General Secretary of the NOC, Keith Joseph, as he addressed the gathering of more than 50 individuals who showed their support for the undertaking.


NSC Operations Manage, Lauron Baptiste

The Junior Olympians were the ones asked to do the actual planting of the trees at Arnos Vale.


SVGNOC General Secretary, Keith Joseph

According to Weekes all of the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex would be beautified with appropriate plants. The project will also engage the Stubbs, Keartons and London Playing Fields in the coming months.


The tree planting group