Faux Pas or Sheer incompetence?

After several months a Draft National Sports Policy was prepared and submitted to the Ministry responsible. Unfortunately it took more than another year before a rather truncated version was presented to and received Cabinet approval.
The National Sports Policy was then a done deal although there was no end of problems associated with it implementation.
In 2001, under the leadership of Garth Saunders, then Chairman of the National Sports Council, and guided by the new government’s anxiety to establish itself and its ideas as a new dispensation in almost every sphere of activity the National Sports Policy as comprehensively reviewed.
The current government has bettered the record of the previous administration in terms of the length of time it takes to officially approve the National Sports Policy as revised in 2001. More than four years have elapsed and no word of approval has as yet been given. It is referred to in the 2004 Corporate Plans as still in Draft.
For what it’s worth the National Sports Policy speaks of the important role of Physical Education in national development, generally and in enhancing the sports potential of the people, especially youths, of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
To the extent that the Policy remains a Draft to that extent physical education suffers.

CXC and Physical Education
Thankfully the region’s educators have a much better understanding of the importance of physical education to the human condition and have placed it on the region’s examinations’ schedule. It is by this route that at the local level, interest it finally being generated in this discipline.
Our government’s response is much the same as has been the case historically. The Ministry of Education here has therefore been driven to offer physical education as a subject area on the curriculum alongside history, social science and geography.
The CXC syllabus for Physical Education and Sport was produced in 2003. The rush to offer this as an additional subject option for our secondary school students has expose our backwardness at the level of educational development and the lop-sided nature of our education revolution.