Fear of Lightning striking twice in the same place

The WICB brought together a team of individuals to lead the preparatory exercise for hosting CWC2007 led by Chris Dehring, someone of whom we have heard precious little since the debacle. The peoples of the Caribbean were somehow led to believe that this would have been the single greatest sporting event held in the region and that the countries would for years after the event be the beneficiaries of the popularity derived from the hundreds of thousands of spectators from across the globe who would have descended here to be entertained during the competition.
The WICB, seemingly led by the nose rather than by the grey matter that should otherwise occupy the brain, seemingly got totally bewildered and spouted the same rubbish about the large windfall profits that would be derived from the competition such that the organisation would be in the financial black for some time thereafter.
Well, the CWC2007 has come and gone and one is still left wondering to which ‘hereafter’ they may all have been referring in so far as the realisation of profits was concerned.
To this day the sport loving peoples of the region are yet to learn of the true status of the finances relative to the total outcome of the CWC2007. While it is certain that CEOs around the region and other staff employed to manage the various Local Organising Committees (LOC) that were established, have been handsomely paid, the profitability of the exercise is yet to be ascertained by ‘John Public’.
Of course the conduct of the WICB over the years of its existence does not give the impression that there has ever been or ever will be a concern for the views of the public at large relative to the way it conducts its affairs.
The region’s politicians got side-waxed, in a manner of speaking, and after the fact provided the millions needed to provide the expansive facilities across the Caribbean, none of which was really filled to capacity during the competition and probably never will be for a cricket encounter any time in the near future. The governments, anxious to seize the opportunity for political patronage among the region’s sportspeople, warmed to the nonsense fed by the cricketing authorities and expended already limited resources only to find themselves duped in the end by the relative absence of even locals at the cricket matches.