Fear of Lightning striking twice in the same place

The fact is that the much-touted legacy of the CWC2007 appears to be the fear by many of seeking to have ‘lightning strike in the same place twice’. They have already been bitten rather severely by the cricketing fraternity and they would not allow themselves to fall into the same trap a second time.
Indeed, this time around the global economy is in tatters and the full extent of the impact on the region is still to be determined, except perhaps in the case of St Vincent and the Grenadines where the Minister of Finance who is also the Prime Minister seems confident.
One wonders therefore whether the governments have finally come to the realisation that they did not engage brain before expanding the millions of taxpayers’ dollars on the CWC2007. They may now be watching the colossal white elephants that now decorate their landscapes and considering just how their respective populations may be recording their places in history. Many, if not all, may do well to hang their heads in shame alongside the leadership of the sport in the region.
The 2010 World 20/20 Cricket Championships will take place in a rather different Caribbean than was the case when we hosted the CWC2007. Money is in short supply. Intra-regional travel is near-prohibitive. The West Indies cricket team continues to befriend the bottom rungs of the cricketing ladder. The youths are more interested in entertainment that leaves them free rein to do as they please resenting any attempt at order. Society has become increasingly secular and profanity rules.

Wanted dead or alive
There is a sense in which the approach of the WICB in respect of the sport it oversees is much like the Wild Wild West. The sport is wanted, whether dead or alive.
It remains an assumption of the leadership of the sport of cricket and many of our political leaders that cricket is popular in the Caribbean. That is now a false premise from which to work.