Fear of Lightning striking twice in the same place

The declining fortunes of
the regional team and the relatively poor conduct of the players on and off the field have left a sour taste in the mouths of the patrons.
At the local level of the game everywhere in the region attendance is poor. There are more players in the stands than patrons. Even at the regional level patrons no longer take interest in the game enough o present themselves at the playing venues to watch performances.
The WICB has been unable to address the decline in attendances at regional competitions and hence have paid the heavy price in the form of loss of sponsorship.
The WICB can hardly find willing sponsors to carry the burden of the regional competitions. The standard is so poor.
Here at home the recently concluded Windward Islands Tournament saw the Vincentian team unable to win a single match. That sports commentators allowed themselves to be engaged into the reason for this putrid performance is itself an indictment. The writing has been on the wall for some time.
The time has come for the cricketing authorities to understand that it is the older heads in society, a dying breed, who are avid followers of the game of cricket. The Caribbean people who understand the importance of the game to the liberation of ourselves from the yoke of colonialism and its attendant ills are fast dying. No longer is it enough to draw reference to what the game used to be and what it once meant for us as a people. That counts for very little today.
Our cricketing authorities believe in the game and that is as it should be. Unfortunately, it cannot be that the game must be conducted in the archaic manner that they inherited. The changes that are taking place in the game are outside the control of our leaders. They are once more followers rather than shapers of the sport and in the process do not know how to address the regional sport loving public.
Perhaps they may begin to heal the wounds by apologising to the peoples of the Caribbean for the CWC2007 debacle. That might just serve as an appropriate point of departure.