Fear of Lightning striking twice in the same place

Loss of interest
Caribbean people are lovers of sport but we are fast losing interest. Cricket is not the only sporting discipline that is losing adherents. In almost every sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines we are losing athletes, officials and supporters.
The reality is that the changing values impacting the region leads the youths more towards entertainment of a different order.
Our inability to craft and manage change rather than be merely responsive to changes from outside leaves us vulnerable much like our open, fragile economies and their subjectivity to the vagaries of the international machinations.
The Caribbean family must take stock of itself. It is in the home that the process of socialisation begins and that includes interest in and love for sport. The family that plays together engenders an appreciation for sport.
Sport is entertainment. Unfortunately here in the Caribbean it remains a pastime and little else.
The regional interest in cricket will continue to wane and in the process sport will lose its very reason for being.