Football World Cup – as much intrigue as excitement

Suddenly too, it appeared that the aforementioned ‘talk’, seemingly made it rounds even before the opportunity was afforded anyone to host the 2010 World Cup.
The end result of the cacophony of ‘talk’ was that Blatter romped home winner of the Presidential contest within FIFA and for all intents and purposes the organisation returned back to the point of business as usual.
No one can say for certain that there was any real ‘hanky panky’ taking place within the organisation since no one was ever able to make good the burden of proof.
But the recent scandals within Italian Football in the past few weeks relative to the possibility that Juventus may have enjoyed some strange relations among referees a home, only serve to highlight the intense scrutiny under which international football has now come.
Resignations have been fast and furious in Italy since the emergence of revelations about the telephone conversations.
The net continues to spread but it seems hat as happens in the Caribbean and elsewhere the big fish always seem to flee captivity.

Straws in the wind
In the lead up to the current World Cup, one Lasana Liburd, writing in the Trinidad Express, spent some time investigating the matter of ticket sales within Trinidad and Tobago.
There was much of an uproar in certain quarters around the world and FIFA found itself having to allow its Committee for Ethics and Fair Play to conduct an investigation into FIFA Vice President, Jack Warner’s involvement with Simpaul’s Travel Service, which had apparently “struck a deal with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) to monopolise the sale of the country’s 2006 World Cup tickets” (Trinidad Express, Saturday, March 18th 2006).
The FIFA Committee for Ethics and Fair Play ruled in February 2006 that Warner had “violated FIFA’s Code of Ethics” in so far as he was involved in Simpaul’s Travel Service.