Football World Cup – as much intrigue as excitement

Interestingly, following the submission of the report of the aforementioned FIFA Committee, it was the turn of the FIFA Executive Committee, of which Warner is a Vice President, to rule on the matter.
As anticipated by many, the FIFA Executive ruled in Warner’s favour.
The Executive ruled that Simpaul’s Travel Service had obeyed the ticketing rules. More than this, we were duly informed almost simultaneously that “Warner, his wife, Maureen, his sons, Daryan and Darryl, were all removed from the directorship of Simpaul’s Travel Service at the Legal Affairs Ministry” (Trinidad Express, Saturday, March 18th 2006).
Also interesting was the rallying of the forces that constituted the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), in support of Warner.
The reality is that like Blatter and others before him in FIFA, Warner has emerged unscathed personally.
One wonders however precisely what type of image the FIFA itself may now have in the eyes of many who give so generously to what many see as the single most popular sport in the world.
But then again, money talks and FIFA feeds its affiliates with a massive $1m USD over each four-year period between editions of the World Cup. It does not seem to matter that in reality many of those same affiliates appear to have difficulty adequately utilising the funds received for genuine development work at home.
Payment of Executive members at home often seems to take priority over these developmental options.
Indeed if many of the affiliates were to be evaluated on performance criteria many would fail with relative ease.
No one begrudges where Warner has reached within the hallowed halls of FIFA and none would certainly want to neither exchange places with nor be envious of those honourable men who rushed to Warner’s defence under the ambit of the CFU.
No one could possible envy those who seem to desire more than anything else to become millionaires within the football fraternity, even if it means beginning in the once lowly CFU. At least this seems a fairly acceptable point of departure.