Football World Cup – as much intrigue as excitement

One thing is certain, in the Caribbean much like elsewhere, there are no apologies and certainly no consideration of resignations by the big boys of Football.
Patriotism seems far too important to leave sacrificed on the altar of ethics, honesty, fair play and integrity.

TnT’s World Cup experiences
While Trinidad and Tobago may well be counting itself luck in terms of finally making it to the FIFA World Cup finals, there are many footballers who still hurt from their own experiences n the two close encounters by the twin – island Republic.
In1973, what many consider to be the best team ever assembled by Trinidad and Tobago, Leroy De Leon, Everard Cummi
ngs, Winston Archibald and Lincoln Phillips were four of the leading lights on the national team that journeyed to Haiti to contest for the one CONCACAF place available for the World Cup Finals.
In the playoffs there, Trinidad and Tobago came up against the host nation in the opening encounter. What occurred remains one of the gravest tragedies the sport has even known in the Caribbean, even within CONCACAF.
Trinidad and Tobago scored five goals to Haiti’s two, only to have had an astonishing four goals disallowed them, leaving the Haitians victor and the eventual winners of the CONCACAF zone. The officiating was so poor that FIFA banned the referee and linesmen for life. The damage was already done.
In the final game of the Tournament, Trinidad and Tobago hammered the now powerful Mexicans 4 – 0, emerging second overall – no consolation at all.
Trinidad and Tobago failed to make it to the World Cup Finals in what was then West Germany in 1974.
Nothing could ever erase the foregoing tragedy from the players and the team’s management and all of Trinidad and Tobago.
In 1989, Trinidad and Tobago, with an impressive team, this time coached by Everard Cummings, had only to draw the final encounter with the USA in Trinidad to make it to the World Cup.
In an obscenely over-filled stadium the local heroes fell short by 0 – 1.