Football World Cup – as much intrigue as excitement

The nation suffered.
There were embarrassing stories everywhere.
The team was encamped too far south and had too much travel on the day.
Fingers were pointing everywhere and there were those who insisted that there should have been an inquiry that guaranteed confinement for some people in high places in the sport.
Once more Trinidad and Tobago failed to make it to the World Cup, this time in Italy in 1990.
In 2005, Trinidad and Tobago seemed to be on the way out of the competition. All but a select few seemed convinced that the Soca Warriors would make it to the now unified Germany in 2006.
Then in the game against Mexico played in Trinidad it seemed all too true when the Latinos turned up with what many seemed to think was a very under strength team.
More straws emerged when others thought that Costa Rica lost their final Preliminary game in too unimpressive a manner.
All of that is water under the bridge.
Trinidad and Tobago are on their way to the World Cup.
Even if the Soca Warriors’ last warm up game at home which served as a local farewell for Russell Latapy from the game, saw that twin – island Republic up against a Peruvian team that was bereft of all of its major stars – some warm up that was.
This is a Trinidad and Tobago team that twice saw St Vincent and the Grenadines score first and struggled to regain control and eventual victory in the World Cup Preliminaries; the same team that lost to St Vincent and the Grenadines here at home before a massive crowd that urged the Vincy Heat to burn the Soca out of the Warriors and send them packing.
This is the Trinidad and Tobago that now holds in its hands the hopes and aspirations of the peoples of the Caribbean as Jamaica once did and as the West Indies Cricket team has done for many decades.
Straws or no straw in the wind, that is today’s football reality.