Football World Cup – as much intrigue as excitement

FIFA claims that it has been at pains to ensure that the blight of football hooliganism does not make its way to Germany this time around.
Already there are many concerns.
Some believe that the Skin Heads are already gathering and planning for much mischief.
Others are scared that the English football fans, with their long history of hooliganism may well find ways around the security nets and wreak havoc in Germany.
Since the horrific disaster of 11 September 2001, the world of sport has been impacted heavily.
The Winter Olympics of 2002 incurred the heaviest expense at the time by an Organising Committee on security. That expense was however miniscule in comparison with what obtained in the case of the Organising Committee for the Athens Olympics.
The trend continues for the FIFA World Cup, especially given the massive crowds expected at the majority of the venues in Germany.
The Organising Committee would have had enough headaches were it only to have to consider the threats mentioned above. But the addition of the ever worsening global security situation makes for no rest for the organisers and the expenses to be incurred in ensuring the best possible security of teams and spectators.
The legacy of hooliganism in English football dates back to the 19th century and has been systematically inculcated into an integral component of the nation’s cultural matrix – a sad but true situation that does not seem anxious to disappear.

Good competition
Whatever about all that has been said in respect of the World Cup the vast majority of sports lovers are anxious to see the magic displayed on the field.
Many are anxious to see the next generation of stars regardless of which continent or country they come from.
As has happened in the past the game of football will emerge victorious despite all of the back-room intrigue.
More pressure will continue to be placed on FIFA for ever-higher levels of transparency and accountability with mixed results.
In the end there is good reason to believe that sport always wins out.
Individuals come and go and they are transient.
Sport and all that it brings to the table always seem invincible.