Football's frightful follies

Member Federations of FIFA were also allowed to provide their Executive members with stipends on a monthly basis for their service to the organisation at the local, regional and international levels.

Over the duration of the current leadership of the SVGFF significant attempts have been made to accomplish a number of feats.
The SVGFF has expended resources on participation in all of the competitions that the FIFA, through the CONCACAF and CFU, has thrown in its direction, appropriately citing the hefty penalties that are likely to be levied on the organisation for defaulting. This undertaking has been particularly demanding on the finances of the organisation.
The SVGFF has also secured the services of a professional coach who has been with the organisation for several years now and he has come at a very heavy price, financially.
The local governing body for the sport has also spent resources on the administrative component.
During the tenure of the current executive some attempts have been made at introducing regulations to facilitate a measure of control over the membership. Rules have been developed to restrict the number of organisations/clubs that a single player could represent in any given season. Work has also been done on the development of the club structure in the State.
Given the level of the commitments of the several national teams one would have expected greater attention being paid to the matter of local fundraising. This is particularly important given the seeming ambivalence of the national Government, evidenced most clearly when the Minister of Finance was approached by the two representatives of the then World Cup Support Committee – Earl Crichton and Brian Glasgow.
The ‘Goal' project has been stymied by a number of issues not all of which have been clear to all who wish to know.
The SVGFF has had a rather torrid time finding appropriate playing facilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines during the period leading up to the Cricket World Cup 2007 when this nation seemed to have placed a tremendous amount of resources on a sport that continues to lose popularity, as opposed to the most popular sport, football, ‘the game of the people'.