Football's frightful follies

The national senior team has perhaps the most successful of all those that have been involved in FIFA competitions.
The senior team continued the trend set by previous national representative teams since the SVGFF gained membership of FIFA, by reaching the second round of the World Cup Preliminaries for the CONCACAF zone. Importantly the team performed much better than in previous editions of the Preliminaries in so far as for the first time they were more competitive against the opposition. This was particularly noticeable in the two encounters against Trinidad and Tobago on which occasion the Vincentians scored first and posed some major problems for the Soca Warriors who eventually made it to the World Cup Finals, and against the star-studded Mexicans.
The remaining national teams flattered to deceive, in a manner of speaking. None of the other teams have really displayed the level of competitiveness expected after the excellent performances of the seniors.
To date the Vincentian populace does not have what many would consider an adequate explanation for the seeming disparity between the various national teams.

Football has found itself in a position similar to cricket at the local level in so far as development is concerned. While both organisations continue to work diligently to meet the demands placed on them by their respective regional and international governing bodies by way of competition, the nation has not been privy to any genuine development plans that detail a clear strategy for the sport.
The cradle of sport in the country, the school, does not yet in any way fit into any deliberate development strategy that exists for the sport in the future. This is true of both football and cricket. It is an area that must be dealt with in the short term if either is to make significant strides forward any time soon.
This is the one area that these two highly funded sports fall down significantly.
Development is much more than mere participation in the competitions established by the regional and international bodies; it is much more than the organisation of local competitions.