Football's frightful follies

The path now being pursued by some among the football fraternity is that the leadership of the sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines is only going to be successful if they are from among the governing party or are openly supportive of the governing regime.
The fact that some within the leadership of the trade union movement in St Vincent and the Grenadines has done so successfully does not necessarily mean that the plight of the workers has in any way improved.
Leacock's own politics may well have inspired a desire for some of his critics to challenge the way in which politics may or may not influence his approach to leadership of the sport. But the jury may still be out on this. He may well have to live with the consequences of his action.
One would hope however that as is the case with any elections among sporting organisations, democracy would prevail; that delegates would consider the merit of the candidates and objectively assess the performance of those who had the opportunity to lead.
It is perhaps more than a little unfortunate that in the recent past we have had a gathering of political forces seeking to impact upon the decision-making process in football.
Socialist regimes are prone to ensuring that over time the work of the ruling regime is conducted through the formation of ‘cells' that essentially carries and brings news and ultimately seeks to infiltrate all critical organisations that impact governance. The intention is to have all critical national organisations under the firm control of the governing regime.
Is that where we are headed?
Some may well suggest that this is currently the case.
The sport of football is indeed bigger than any political party and as experience has shown, the impact of football in this country has an extensive reach that easily outstrips that of any Government Minister, including the Prime Minister, at any given point in time.
More people globally know about the national football team of this country than who is its Prime Minister. Such is the popularity of the sport.
The decision making process in football must be undertaken by the footballers and their representatives. Let the politicians and political neophytes take a back seat.
Already, those people who labour are belong denied the opportunity to hold the reins. Let this not be the case for the sportspeople of our beloved St Vincent and the Grenadines.