Frustration ekes at our Sports

The lack of interest in other sports has filtered down to all of the staff employed with the NSC and this from time immemorial.
In the earlier part of 2008 Team Athletics SVG pleaded for the provision of long jump and shot and discus throwing areas at Arnos Vale. Together with the leadership of the NSC the sites were chosen and work started under the guidance of TASVG from a technical standpoint. Suddenly, one load of sand was left in the path of the throwing area for the shot and discus. The run up to the long jump pit has a depression that threatens injury to any athlete attempting to engage in the practice of the discipline. These are two examples of the gross disrespect for the sport of Athletics and the lack of interest on the part of the NSC in any sport other than Cricket. There is no shortage of stories to tell in this regard.
There is no doubt that on some occasions it appears that the NSC wants to do better. Unfortunately in the absence of any serious planning the organisation achieves only the frustration of the very sporting organisations that it was intended to help. The NSC does not have a national development plan in place to show to the nation. It can only make reference to the Act and nothing more. By and large successive NSCs have been unable to discern the difference between their political mandate and the mandate to develop sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is the reason why sporting facilities are often provided in a haphazard manner with no bearing on the developmental path of the respective national sports associations.

Ministers come and go
At the beginning of the new government’s programme in 2001 we were told that a former sportsman, Mike Browne, was the Minister charged with the responsibility for sport. His reign saw a revision of the National Sports Policy prompted by the national sports associations themselves. He devised a Sports Advisory Committee that appeared to have been a hand-picked grouping better defined as a National Sports Secrets Committee that met periodically to spend most of the time going over the Minutes of the previous meeting with no impact whatsoever on the nationals ports development process.