Frustration ekes at our Sports

It is therefore virtually impossible for any sports association in St Vincent and the Grenadines to plan properly. The facilities belong to the government and the NSC has no clear policy relative to its utilisation, development and maintenance. The funding is dependent on the leadership of the government and more particularly the Minister of Finance, on the one hand and the NLA, anther political entity, on the other.
In a sense, it would appear that if national sports associations really do wish to service they must engage in strategic planning outside of the government and the NLA and the NSC, which is very hard to do in the country as it is. The other alternative is to become political and support the party in power, lying prostrate before the government in a pledge of unflinching loyalty.
The choices are not really very good ones but they are what obtain at present. Small wonder then that the level of frustration on the part of associations has impacted negatively the persons involved in sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines and ultimately, the broader national sports development process.