Getting on Track

Development Strategy
Consistent with the World Athletics Plan (WAP) of the IAAF and of the NACAC Strategic Plan within it the developmental approach being undertaken here includes the following:
Phase I        Kids Athletics Programme (KAP)
Phase II    Grassroots Development – The Coaching Caravan
Phase III    Track and Field Academy/Training Camps
Phase IV    High Performance Training
Phase V    Competitions

Perhaps what constitutes Phase V should be seen as an ongoing part of the overall development process.
The project about to be implemented in the next few weeks focuses exclusively on Phase II.

Phase II     Grassroots Development – The Coaching Caravan
To establish a sound development programme (grassroots) for Olympic Sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines that would optimise coaching opportunities for identified athletes.

1. Athletes aged 8 – 18 years
2. PE Teachers and Track and Field Coaches in the MF

1. To identify a Technical Director who would guide the project’s implementation.
2. To establish a developmental coaching cadre in athletics.
3. To distinguish between Senior and Junior coaches among the aforementioned cadre.
4. To identify existing and potential coaches for training at the various developmental levels during the period of the Project.
5. To source training opportunities for coaches identified as per 3 above.
6. To formulate the Coaching Caravan programme.
7. To source appropriate equipment to make the Coaching Caravan an effective and efficient developmental programme.
8. To commence weekly Coaching Caravans in the athletics by 1 September 2005.
9. To engage in bi-monthly evaluations of the Coaching Caravan and make the appropriate adjustments
10. To conduct a comprehensive review of the impact of the programme by 15 December 2005.
11. To systematically promote the development of clubs through the programme
TASVG has already selected Godfrey Harry, an IAAF Level # 2 Certified Coach, as its Technical Director. He has been sent on an intensive Course coordinated by the IAAF’s Regional Development Centre and conducted under the University of Puerto Rico (30 credits) during the period 13-25 July.
Harry has been in discussions with TASVG relative to establishing the parameters of his new portfolio within the organisation.
He was invited to and participated fully in the discussions relative to ROT that took place here on July 2.