Gideon Labban – the labour of love

After several years lagging behind the NACAC in the development of coaching courses, the IAAF eventually organised itself and introduced what it called the IAAF's Coaches Education Certification Scheme, CECS. The local Association held its first Level # 1 Coaches Certification Course, in 1995, and Labban was one of the successful participants. His performance was outstanding and resulted in the Association being invited to have him attend the IAAF Level # 2 Certificate Course in Puerto Rico the following year.
Labban's performance at the 1996 Level # 2 Course was particularly outstanding as he emerged received the award for Top Student on the programme, well ahead of his counterparts from the English-speaking countries within NACAC. His performance also earned him an appointment as one of the IAAF's Level #1 Coaches Education Lecturers with effect from 2000.
Labban has not stopped seeking out opportunities to develop himself in the field of coaching nor has the national Association ceased to recommend him for such developmental options. In 2000, the national body recommended Labban for what was billed as a high-level coaching course for sprint coaches organised under the ambit of the Pan American Sports Organisation, PASO, in San Antonio, Texas. Two-years later he attended and was successful in the Sports Science Certificate programme at Life University, Atlanta, Georgia.
In 2006, Labban achieved success at the IAAF's Chief Coaches Course, the second Vincentian to have successfully completed this programme held at the Regional Development Centre, RDC, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Godfrey Harry was the first Vincentian to have been successful.

On the Field
Since having gained his first coaching certificate, Labban has been consistently in the field practising his newly acquired skills and forever seeking out books, films and other materials that would facilitate improvement in the delivery of his craft.
He has designed and implemented training programmes for students and national athletes in sprints, hurdles, distance running, throws and jumps. He has also worked with several coaches around the country, seeking to encourage them to develop their interest in the field and to seek our opportunities to improve themselves.