Gideon Labban – the labour of love

Labban received his first national assignment from the governing body in 1993. He was designated Team Coach to the Central America & the Caribbean, CAC, Juvenile Championships, held in St Vincent. The selected athletes were involved in a preparatory exercise that eventually bore fruit in so far as they won medals in events in which they competed. In the same year the authorities appointed him Head Coach for athletics to the Vincentian team to the Windward Islands Championships held in St Lucia.
In 1997, Labban was appointed Head Coach/Manager of the national representative team to the IAAF World Indoor Championships, Paris, France, with Kambon Sampson as the country's lone participant.
Labban was again appointed Head Coach in 1999. On that occasion he was responsible for the national team to the Junior Carifta Games in Martinique. The team comprised two athletes, one of whom was a bronze medallist and also a finalist in another event while the other was a finalist in two events. He coached teams to the annual Carifta teams again in Grenada, 2000, Guadeloupe, 2006, and Turks and Caicos, 2007.
Labban was appointed Head Coach of the national representative team to the Pan American Games, 1999, in Winnipeg, Canada, and again in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, earlier this year.
In 2002, Labban was appointed as coach of national teams to the CAC Junior Championships held in Barbados, the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester, England, and the NACAC U25 Championships held in San Antonio, Texas.
His sole appointment as Head Coach of an Olympic team came in 2000 when St Vincent and the Grenadines participated in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

The governing body for athletics here appointed Labban as its first Director of Track and Field Coaching (1996 – 1999). His duties included the formation of a Coaches Association, assignment of coaches to various zones around the country, conduct of coaching sessions throughout the country and the organisation of workshops and seminars. He was also expected to monitor coaches and their ongoing programmes.
In 2006, Labban was appointed Technical Director of TASVG, with an even broader mandate relative to the development of all technical aspects of the sport of athletics in St Vincent and the Grenadines.