Gideon Labban – the labour of love

Labban's insistence on high standards for coaches under his charge seems to have met with some measure of resistance.
Too many coaches seem only too eager to claim discrimination when in fact they cannot produce the goods. They fail to live up to expectations and seek to justify their resistance by a lame claim of not being allowed to travel.
Since 2004, TASVG has allowed the Coaches Commission, comprising all of the athletics coaches in the State, to select the coaches to travel with national teams The Executive rarely dismisses the Commission's nominations. This is the only national sports Association in St Vincent and the Grenadines to establish this in its Constitution and give pride of place to it in practise.
Many seem unable and unwilling to understand that it is not possible to make nominations of individual coaches who fail to engage in coaching of athletes on a regular basis or who fail to show evidence that they are reading and applying coaching developments to their work in the field.
Coaches who do not produce programmes for the weekly training of their athletes cannot claim to be coaches and should seek to get on board rather than stand on the sidelines and seek to pull down those who take the time to fulfil their commitment to excellence by working assiduously in the field.
It is inconceivable that coaches can fail to work and hope to make legitimate claim to national team selection by their peers.

The Future
Having trained more than 100 coaches since the 1980s, the athletics fraternity has little to show by way of labourers in the field. Many have simply attended courses for the acquisition of the certificate and continue to boast of having achieved it.
Many of the nation's teachers have attended training courses in almost ever sporting discipline practised in the State, but engage in actual coaching in virtually none of them beyond the confines of the school's requirements. Many do no after-school coaching. This is the complaint coming from almost every national Association in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The truth is that the state of sport in a developmental sense cannot improve without a change in the attitude of those who seek to come into coaching.