Gideon Labban – the labour of love

Coaching is not about trips. These come as a result of performance in the field.
Wherever Labban has served the IAAF by conducting coaching courses he has been duly appreciated and the IAAF has been told of his impact. His willingness to engage others in the field of coaching has been considered admirable, as has his eagerness to lead by example even in the execution of whatever aspect of the sport is being dealt with at the particular time.
Indeed, the only place where he seems not to be appreciated as a coach is in his native St Vincent and the Grenadines and amongst many of his peers.
Many national coaches in different sporting organisations can benefit from the approach adopted by Labban to professionalise their work as coaches. It is the way forward if we are to move on to the next level.
The time has come for our coaches to stop seeking to undermine the efforts of those who continue to do their work well enough to the point of excellence. There is nothing to gain from this practice.
The time has come for us to value our own and to eagerly strive to follow in their footsteps.
Some may reflect on the work of Labban in all his humility and selflessness and strive to do better.