Go Athletics!

Your clubs must involve: People who engender discipline; People who can communicate effectively; People who get along well with others; People with good contacts
Where do we find them, we may ask?  We find them among: Parents of athletes; Friends of athletes, coaches and officials; Past athletes; Sports enthusiasts who want to be part of the organization; Teachers and Youth and community organizations.
It is from your clubs that you get everything that is necessary for the success of our sport. They nurture the core of our sport, the athletes. But they also provide you with your Coaches and Technical Officials: People who are interested in the sport; People who can make sound judgment; People with the necessary aptitude; People with the requisite commitment; People who are willing to be trained; People with the requisite attitude.
Clubs provide you with your Administrators: People with leadership skills; People with administrative competence; People who have the necessary commitment; Professional people; Good communicators
At every stage it is necessary for us
to do as the World Athletics Plan requires of us, that we provide all people with the greatest opportunities to participate in athletics.
At the same time we must also increase the level of competence in athletics at all levels from athletes through to coaches, technical officials, administrators and our volunteer corps. It is in our collective best interest as people in athletics to constantly evaluate our progress and improve our capacities.
We must be inclusive. Our athletes, coaches and technical officials must be offered opportunities to make their respective contributions to the development of our sport from their vantage points. They must not be taken for granted nor must we operate as though we know their every need. They must be allowed to tell us about their particular needs. Bring your athletes, coaches and technical officials into the circle of decision-making in your organisation.
The point I am making here is that if we are to build the sport professionally we have to ensure that at every stage of the way we act professionally. No longer can we attempt to develop our sport on the basis of friendship and good intentions. We have to access true professionals and employ professionals where necessary.