Go Athletics!

Your office management must be headed by a Chief Executive Officer who has the services of the necessary professional support staff. Your President earlier made mention of the plans to employ a full-time Development Officer for the sport. Your organization is now handling millions of dollars. This is not a back room operation. It is a front office business managing the single most attractive sport in the world, our sport, Athletics.

Selling the sport
Let us now look at selling our sport.
The best way to sell a product is to ensure that it is of a good quality. That we have just addressed by speaking to the building of the sport. In the professional world of business advertising is the key to good sales; so too in our sport.
If we want people to be attracted to our sport we have to ensure that we get the word out.
We have to promote our sport.
Where is your brand?
Is the brand known in Trinidad and Tobago? Will people recognise your brand at a glance?
Is your brand effective in the marketplace?
Is your brand understood?
Tell us what is your brand and how is it marketed?
This is particularly important since brand imaging is critical to successful marketing of any product. Without a strong brand your organisation will find great difficulty marketing the sport. How are you marketing the sport in Trinidad and Tobago?
We must have billboards encouraging the nation to Go Athletics. We must have our stars, past and present, Crawford, Boldon, Burns, Browne, Quow and Nero among our men, Borrell-Browne, Baptiste, Watkins and Lucas among our women, to name a few, all eagerly promoting participation in our sport through television and radio advertisements. We want others to be like them, the stars of tomorrow in athletics, our sport. We want to link our sport to general fitness and promote it as the foundation of all sports that involve movement. We must link our sport to general wellness among the populace and to national productivity. We must make it known that Athletics is good for the health of the people of the nation.