Go Athletics!

What are you offering the media that would make them want to be with you in your development thrust?
When you have your competitions what do you do for the media that would enable them to feel that it is worth their while?
Are you sufficiently media friendly as an organisation? If not, why not?
What can you do to change this aspect of your operations?
These are some of the important questions you must ask yourselves and provide honest answers if you are to be successful in your developmental effort.

Dear friends, members of the NAAA, as an organisation you are particularly well placed on the path to development of the sport in Trinidad and Tobago. You have the capacity not just to be another member, another statistic, in the IAAF, the global Athletics family. You possess the wherewithal in terms of athletes, coaches, technical officials, administrators, sponsors, facilities enough to stand tall at any IAAF forum and command the respect of its entire membership.
The challenge is there before you.
You are the masters of your own destiny.
Perhaps there is no better way to conclude this address than to simply follow the ad you have here in Trinidad and Tobago in the fight against HIV/AIDS and ask: “What’s your position?”
Friends of Athletics, this is our sport – Athletics.
Athletics is the reason we are all here.
We love this sport.
My friends, it is because we so dearly love this sport that I urge us all to simply continue to do what we have always done. Let us all, Go Athletics!!