Gross sporting imbalance in SVG

The main Arnos Vale Playing Field is still under heavy manners from worms and ants, a most worrying feature that as yet cannot be brought under control. One would have thought that given the history of this problem at Arnos Vale there would have been a concerted effort made to address it during the reconstruction process.
Not surprisingly only cricket has had any meaningful access to Arnos Vale I. The hosting of the Rotary Club Softball Cricket Competition on the hard courts at Arnos Vale experienced consistently larger crowds in attendance than any given day of the Windward Islands Cricket Tournament played inside Arnos Vale I, a phenomenon that one would not have expected given the legacy of our hosting of the CWC2007 warm up matches earlier this year.
No one involved at the authority level seems capable of explaining to this nation the nature of the maintenance programme and attendant costs relative to the reconstructed facility that is Arnos Vale I. More than six months have passed and many of the new facilities have not been used for any purpose. So much for legacy.
Arnos Vale II is now awaiting vetting following yet another attempt at grassing the facility. This process has been ongoing for more months than any of us would like to remember. No one seems to care that this facility was one of the most used in the nation for a variety of sportspeople involved in football, cricket and athletics. The organisers of the once annual Arnos Vale Football League are in a state of virtual limbo, not holding their breaths on word from those in authority.
Then there is Sion Hill where the football field is being reconfigured by authorities without the community being involved in any way. Perhaps the community is not expected to have any ideas in respect of the very facility it helped to build and maintain over the many years of its existence. The football field is in very poor shape and will probably not be available for use for several months hence.
No one seems to care that the Sion Hill facility once served athletics, football, cricket and rugby and is now only available to the cricketers. The footballers have no idea when Sion Hill will be able to organise the football competition that featured so prominently in the annual sports calendar of this country.