Gross sporting imbalance in SVG

It has taken many months for the netballers to gain access to the court in Sion Hill once more due to the lengthy dragging of feet on the part of the Organising Committee which still wields the baton of control over facilities ostensibly under the authority of the National Sports Council.
Stubbs has become a cricket facility being well maintained but seemingly only for cricket.
The CWC2007 Organising Committee here is probably the only such organisation in the region still in existence. The rationale being given is that the work of the Committee is not yet completed.
When it was discovered that Gibson Construction was taking too long to complete its work the company was summarily fired. Why then is it not possible to dismiss the CWC2007 Organising Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines for failure to complete its work in a timely manner?
Are we still paying the members and staff of the Organising Committee? If we are still paying the members and staff of the Organising Committee what are the terms and conditions of their being retained through to 31 December?

More For Cricket
It was something amazing although tragi-comical when the National Lotteries Authority, NLA, a body with responsibility for raising funds through the provision of different games at the national level, was given the mandate to oversee the Victoria Park. Not surprisingly the facility was soon endowed with a cricket pitch in the centre.
No one can explain the reasoning behind the schools in the environment of the Victoria Park being heavily restricted in its usage during the academic year. It seems that the NLA believes that this will lead to over-usage and the demise of the facility. Football has had to fight to gain access to the Victoria Park for the training of the national teams, regular season competitive games and a few internationals even when it was clear that Arnos Vale I was out of bounds.
The SVG Cricket Association has gained the rights to the Buccament Playing Field in a landmark agreement with the National Sports Council, giving it exclusive access for several months of each year. The Minister of Sport once rejected this contract. Unfortunately, it now appears that he bent under the pressure of the accessibility of the Stanford 20/20 monies to the local cricket governing body.