Gunny Hinds’ removal – Victimisation or not?

Suddenly, it seemed only a matter of time before Gunny was summarily removed from the NSC.
Unfortunately, in all cases, it appeared that no one in authority seemed even remotely interested in judging Gunny on the basis of his work performance.
The decision was effected immediately following the ULP’s victory at the polls. That it took until the 3 February 2006 may well be something of a surprise.
It is common knowledge that the NSC has always been viewed by many in Vincentian society as a political plaything. The appointees to the NSC are often perceived as loyal to the ruling political party. This seems particularly so in the case of the appointed Chairman and Manager of the NSC.
Over the years it appears that much of the work of the NSC seems slanted towards the achievement of specific political objectives. This has been manifested in the decisions relative to the location of sports facilities and has occurred under both the NDP and ULP administrations, in each case, yielding muffled criticisms from the party in Opposition.
Garth Saunders has never really adequately explained his hasty departure from the Chairmanship of the NSC and I believe he may well have a few select stories to tell.
CES McKie has maneuvered out of the Chairmanship. Lance John never seemed desirous of occupying the chair.
In some respects it appears that the Chairmanship of the NSC goes through the same experiences as the position of Secretary General of Caricom, only for different reasons.
Stanley ‘Gunny’ Hinds, controversial figure though he is, may well have been the sacrificial lamb in the whole sordid exercise that constitutes the NSC. If he is not prepared to sing from the same political song sheet as seems most desirous under the new political dispensation then his unceremonious reassignment to the Division of Sport seems the preferred option.
Of course, there are several sick people around who wish that Gunny had been fired just as summarily.
This is the state we are in.