Human Resource Planning critical to the future

We have recently had some students identified for physical education studies in Venezuela.
While this is an important move it must be recognized that much more is required at a national level to encourage the nation’s children population to see physical education and sport as genuine career options.
There has to be a concerted effort aimed at fashioning a culture of physical education and sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The Government cannot afford to continue the game of musical chairs at the level of appointments in physical education and sport.
Elford Charles must now be wondering what has he done to deserve the manner in which he has been and continues to be treated.
Armed with a degree in Physical Education from the GC Foster College in Jamaica – the same institution at which St Clair Bramble earned his degree – Charles has been moved back and forth between schools and the Ministry of Education, without being afforded the opportunity to state his own opinion on what’s happening.
His last posting was at the Curriculum Development Department at Frenches, with responsibility for physical education in the nation’s educational institutions, albeit in an acting capacity.
Bramble, has also had to fight a battle for location and appropriate appointment. He now sits, in an acting capacity, in the Chair once filled by Lynette Glasgow, overseeing the Sports Division.
Recently, we have had the return, first of Nelson Hillocks (2005) and secondly, of Ortis Jack, from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, with degrees in Sports Management, not Physical Education.
At first, Hillocks was located at the Division of Physical and Education and Sport, seemingly uncertain of his portfolio.
He was later shifted across to the St Vincent Grammar School where yet again, he was uncertain of his portfolio given his degree orientation.
Ortis Jack, since his return in May, has been located at Curriculum Development with and/or under Charles, apparently with an unclear portfolio as well.