Human Resource Planning critical to the future

Recently, there have been interviews for the position that Charles was occupying. It seems that Charles was not informed nor invited to the interviews.
It now seems that the short list for the interviews for what is essentially the top job in the Ministry of Education for Physical Education included Nelson Hillocks, St Clair Bramble and Roxell John. Of the foregoing, the latter two are holders of Physical Education degrees.
The exercise has apparently left some people very concerned about the selection process.
Some people appear concerned about the criteria used to determine the person to be appointed.
Of course, the person acting in the position, Elford Charles, only heard about the selection after the process had run its course. He did not first receive an official notification.
Bramble’s many years of service qualification did not seem to count for  too much.

The Politics
St Vincent and the Grenadines is a small country. Everyone gets access to decisions even as they are being made.
It seems important to make the point here that in everything there is a great need for transparency, objectivity, realism and fair play.
There is no intention here to malign the beneficiary of the appointment. Instead, at issue is the process.
Was it fair?
Did everyone appropriately qualified have an equal opportunity to bid for the available position?
What weighting was given to the incumbent, albeit in am acting capacity?
What weight was given to Bramble’s years of service, qualifications and performance?
Generally, some of the aforementioned questions are included in the
concerns of scores of Vincentians over appointments in the public sector.
Fair play should be a core value in any genuine democracy and must be critical to good governance. It is also pivotal in any genuine attempt at bringing Vincentian society, Together Now!