In sport, the kick is never far away

In a sense, it seems clear that in the world of sport, it is easier to get rid of people who have contributed years of service without due recognition. Service becomes meaningless and hatred assumes great significance as people and organisations engage in their forward march, lacking in the fundamentals – the art of caring and sharing.

Getting Involved

In the field of sport people get involved in the different aspects for a variety of reasons, not all of which may be altruistic. Indeed there are some analysts who would readily suggest that in some instances people are driven by their over-inflated egos to become involved in sport.

We have also had the situation where some people become involved in sport because their children took interest and became athletes. In their desire to be supportive of their children athletes, some of these parents come to an understanding of the importance of the national sports association in providing training and competition opportunities for athletes. Because their interest has been piqued the membership of the particular sport then call on these parents to join the executive to be of greater service to the sport. Unfortunately, the involvement of many of those who become involved through this route often come to an abrupt end once their own children are no longer involved.

Some people become involved in sport because they were athletes once and believed that they should give something back to it and to the nation, both having contributed in no small measure to what they have made of themselves.

For the most part however, the reality is that people get involved in sport because they love the sport. There are many who become administrators, coaches and technical officials simply because they have come to know about the particular sport, got interested and wanted to contribute something to its development given their interest in youth.