In sport, the kick is never far away

Getting Work Done

Whatever the reason for involvement however there is always plenty of work to be done in sport. While there is always an opportunity to perceive sport as fun times have changed to such an extent that sport has become serious and profitable business.

Opportunities for individuals to choose careers in sport have mushroomed in recent time and an ever-increasing number of national sports associations have found it necessary to follow the lead of their respective international governing bodies in professionalising their operations.

Despite the trend towards the employment of professional staff at the level of the various national sports associations, however, the vast majority of persons involved in the administration are volunteers, giving freely of their time and other resources in the interest of the development of the particular sport.

Research done on the value of volunteers to sport show that their contribution run into billions of dollars. At the same time however there is evidence that this contribution is often grossly undervalued by the primary beneficiaries, the athletes, as well as by the respective Governments.

To become involved in sport as an administrator, coach or technical official is to agree to make tremendous sacrifices not the least of which is one's family and social life.

The coach, for example, has as much or more take home activities than the teacher in society. He/she has to prepare programmes for individual athletes and monitor the athlete's performance on a daily basis. At the same time the coach is expected to be a father/mother, brother/sister, friend, counsellor and teacher to each of the athletes with whom he/she works. The coach literally does not have down time in his life and in our Caribbean, for the most part, the coach is a volunteer.