In sport, the kick is never far away

Developing the Sport

In the world of sport we have witnessed the emergence of near-monoliths. The leaders seem to think only of their own ideas and soon enough the concept of democracy takes flight, never to be seen again.

The development of international sport has become synonymous with the concept of a crude sort of egoism.

While so many spout the platitudes of their interest in the athletes and that the athlete
s are the reason for the existence of the sport the reality reflects a different stance. The athletes are seldom the ones to enjoy the fruits that emerge for the organisation from their performances on the field of play.

In many respects it is the leadership that benefits, taking unto themselves an ever-greater share of the goodies that emerge.

In more recent times the sport has lost responsibility for its own development. Instead the television, and the value of television rights, have dictated to every sporting organisation the direction in which it has to go, sometimes, to the detriment of the athlete.

He who pays the piper so often calls the shot in sport that it has become something of an embarrassment to many who once thought that sport was a social construct that allowed the participants to shape its direction.

The Inevitable Kick

Leaders of sporting organisations seem not to engage themselves in succession planning. This is however very consistent with their overall modus.