Inter Secondary Schools Sports 2007

As yet the National Sports Council has not been granted the Arnos Vale facilities since they remain under the LOC of the CWC2007 here until the conclusion of the entire international tournament in the Caribbean. This fact therefore prevents any organisation other than cricket from being in a position to plan for the use of those facilities in the future.
Since the LOC did not meet with the national sports associations that are stakeholders beyond cricket it is not at all possible to predict the future usage of the facility.

Planning for Failure
For years this country has focused on sports in schools as opposed to physical education.
Despite the wealth of information available at the global level and as close as neighbouring Barbados of the importance of physical education as integral to the broader education process of a nation’s children, we here in St Vincent and the Grenadines buried our heads in the sand and paid nothing more than lip service to this fact.
We created a Division of Sports that addressed the organisation of sports in schools on an annual basis ignoring the fundamentals of physical education as critical to understanding sports and to systematically improving the capabilities of the nation’s students in different sporting disciplines.
The Division of Sports, over time, became the locale for individuals who made some prior contribution to sports as athletes in the past and placed on their shoulders the awesome responsibility for sports in the nation’s schools.
This did not fly.
We embarrassed ourselves and today we are still reeling from the unfortunate consequences that accrued from this lack of vision.
There is no one in the Sports Division today who has been therefore for the many years who has acquired significantly improved training and competence in physical education and some may suggest even in sport over the past few years. This is a most regrettable situation.