Inter Secondary Schools Sports 2007

It means therefore that the Division of Sports has never really prepared its staff for the task to introducing or even facilitating the introduction of Physical Education in the nation’s schools. The staff has remained at a relatively low level of certification and competence even in the field of sport relative to the schools of the nation.
One is therefore uncertain as to the real mandate of the Division of Sports.
In many respects therefore we planned for failure by having failed to plan.
Certainly the installation of Nelson Hillocks at the helm of the Division of Sports following his recent qualification in Sports Management at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago, must count for something. However, there may well be some anomaly in so far as his nomenclature is that of Director of Physical Education and Sport with no real foundation or training in physical education.
Hillocks has under him a battery of coaches also without adequate training in physical education.
It is the reason why I have always called for a separate institution, the National Sports Council or National Sports Institute, to become the national umbrella organisation responsible for the development of physical education and sport in tandem with the national sports associations, that is well served with Departments adequately headed by professionals under Sports, Physical Education and Facilities Management.
The leadership of the Division of Sports needs to commence an intensive programme aimed at facilitating the professional development of the officers within it.

Physical Education Versus Sports
The Ministry of Education has opted for all of its disciplines to establish their own associations in order to facilitate optimal participation in the decision-making process. This is highly commendable and places a tremendous responsibility on the members of such associations to immerse themselves more conscientiously in their respective areas in the field of education.
The formation of PESTA should be most welcome. It should be seen as an opportunity for the promotion of physical education and sports within the education system in St Vincent and the Grenadines.