Inter Secondary Schools Sports 2007

In the past, I was particularly harsh on the Division of Sports and Physical Education for its failure to understand the fundamental difference between the twin disciplines and for having virtually imposed coaches on the nation’s schools without first ensuring their capacity to undertake physical education with the students. The Division of Sports was dominated by coaches, many of them inadequately trained as coaches and who did not venture to enhance even their coaching credentials over time at the Division.
The net result was an unacceptable situation where the coaches in the Department travelled to schools to perform essentially coaching duties since they neither understood nor were they trained in physical education.
Schools are not designed to have coaching sessions conducted during the instructional period of each day nor were they intended so to do.
Thus while there was a growing desire on the part of successive Ministers of Education  to introduce physical education on the schools curriculum it was a moot point in the absence of a systematic approach to ensuring that the same schools were adequately staffed by physical educators and not teachers encouraged to have the children enjoy games.
With the best of intentions therefore the education system in St Vincent and the Grenadines did not prepare itself for physical education to become compulsory. Thus it was that when the Caribbean Examinations Council introduced physical education on its examination schedule we were among the least prepared in the Caribbean.
StClair Bramble and Elford Charles attended the GC Foster School of Physical Education and Sport some time ago. No one from the Department of Sports ever moved on to this institution despite the fact that they were going into the nation’s schools during the instr
uctional time. Truman Quashie moved on to Cuba to become the first Vincentian to have selected physical education as his field of study utilising the Cuban scholarship. He returned and soon found life outside the governmental system and outside of the certified field more attractive.
Roxell John was the next to utilise the Cuban route. More recently we have had some who eventually moved to Venezuela to do physical education.
Despite an increase in the numbers choosing physical education as a field of university study they do not yet meet the annual requirements if we are to seriously make physical education an integral part of our education system.