Interest in Sport waning!

Communities around St Vincent and the Grenadines once did so much to support those amongst them who chose to practise sport that the nation was the better for it. There was a sense of oneness in each of the communities.
It was a travesty that some of the individuals who later rose to the ranks of non governmental organisations (NGO) could not challenge the international donor community on the stance against sport being considered a viable contributor to national development. It was not until in the past decade, when the Europeans challenged this backward understanding that our NGO began rather sheepishly to follow suit but in a rather weak manner. Still to this day the leaders of our NGOs can more appreciate the political value of reintroducing the steel pan than develop and articulate an appreciation for the tremendously important role of physical education and sport in the development of full members of Vincentian society. The absence of vision should be tantamount to a criminal offence.

National Unity
Sport has shown its capacity to bridge social, political and cultural divides across the world. St Vincent and the Grenadines is no exception. There has to be the will on the part of all stakeholders to desire that physical education and sport be accorded greater status in Vincentian society. We must understand and appreciate their value and endorse them from home through to the community.
We cannot wait on the government to play politics with these fundamental disciplines which are so crucial to our individual and common wellbeing.
Let us begin the process.
Let us raise the bar on physical education and sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.