Introducing the Hurdles

This article discusses the fundamentals of hurdling

Hurdling is “Sprinting over barriers” with highly coordinated Lead Leg and Trail leg mechanics.

The running pattern in the women’s 100H and men’s 110H is not 3 strides and a jump, but an elongated stride clearing all hurdles with the same “Lead Leg”, and deviating as little as possible from correct sprinting technique to clear the hurdles quickly.

Speed therefore is a hurdler’s most important prerequisite. It is also a technically demanding event that requires rhythmic ability, dynamic mobility especially in the hips, concentration, and balance, high levels of coordination in sprint mechanics, endurance and strength.

In the longer hurdle events, 300H and 400H, the ability to hurdle with either leg is critical, since fatigue over these distances causes the hurdler’s stride pattern to change, hence the need for that versatility to switch “Lead Legs”.

Training for hurdling technique can also have a positive effect on ability in many athletic disciplines. Work on pelvis and hip mobility will improve the range of motion and benefit all running events.

Running the sprint hurdles helps to achieve an “even stride” and eliminate approach and take-off difficulties in the horizontal jumps.

The use of the lead leg in the hurdles also helps high jumpers clear the bar and promotes good long jump landings


Why the Hurdles Meet?

This meet is geared towards unearthing hidden hurdling talents that may not necessarily be detected otherwise.

Modified events of 60H and 200H (5 hurdles per lane) will be contested using lowered competition heights to facilitate manageable hurdling.

We believe that there are many athletes here in SVG who possess natural hurdling abilities and who can compete amongst the best in the region, once they are provided with proper technical training and supervision.

The Hurdle events at many regional competitions usually have very few competitors, and capitalizing on this situation could pay us dividends in the near future.

In the past we have had relative success with our limited hurdling equipment and non-existent hurdling competitions.

Be that as it may, in the 1993 CAC juvenile Championships held here in SVG, Jean Cummings placed 4th in the 60H final.

Simone Nanton (a CWPS and GHS past student) was ranked among the top 5 hurdlers in the region in the 300H at Carifta Games in Barbados 1997 and Trinidad & Tobago1998. She also was selected to compete at the “Best of Carifta” in Barbados in 2000.

Sancho Lyttle (WNBA Player, KPS and GHS past student) won bronze in the 300m Hurdles at the Carifta Games in Martinique, 1999.