It’s all over, now back to reality

An additional legacy component was that of medical, security and disaster management. Perhaps the less said about this the better. We continue to have difficulty with our disaster management system. Things happen and then we react. We have become proficient at ad hocracy.
We now have shootings everywhere and murders are occurring at a very rapid pace. These suggest that we are not yet on top of any security arrangements for the masses of this country.
Of course the murder of Pakistan coach, Bob Woolmer, in his hotel room in Jamaica, put an unfortunate stigma on the security system in the entire Caribbean, something we will probably never live down.
The legacy document spoke to sports development in this country. What it should have addressed was the development of the sport of cricket almost exclusive of everything else.
There is nothing that the LOC has done to assist any other sport but cricket.
The netball fraternity was thrown into a tailspin of sorts as they pleaded with the LOC and the NSC to repair the courts at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex in time for the official opening ceremony of the Annual Cable and Wireless National Tournament on 29th April 2007. For some time the netball authorities were being shifted literally from pillar to post.
Vincentians do have a right to ask, What Legacy?
Those who love, play and understand sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines must be cringing at the gross disservice done to them by the sport authorities here.
In a sense we have found ourselves much like the Jamaican Tourism Association. The latter organisation was bothered by the way in which Caribbean Governments sacrificed the Caribbean Tourism Industry for 58 days of cricket. Here at home we wonder why it was that the development of sports in the state was sacrificed and held ransom for four goat cook matches.