Kurt McLean’s international forays continue

Perhaps there are times when we forget the role that Victory played in the sport’s revitalisation.
Since Victory, the sport has moved forward even to the point of gaining major accolades across the region. Charmaine Dalzine, John McLean and Brenton Milligan would also have made sterling contributions to the development of the sport in the recent past.
Charmaine Dalzine along with other current President, Korean Williams, have been elevated to positions at the regional level as a consequence of the work undertaken at home for the sport and their performance at the regional level.

Kurt McLean
Kurt Mclean emerged from his Stubbs environment and showed an early interest in the sport of bodybuilding. He had his own gym at Stubbs, where he trained as best he could to develop his body without any real supervision.
Later, Sidney Sutherland came forward and invited McLean to train in a more systematic manner and under his guidance and supervision, at the Silvers Gym in Cane Garden.
McLean participated in a number of local competitions for bodybuilders and attained his first real taste of success when in 1987, he won the Mr St Vincent and the Grenadines title.
McLean again won the Mr St Vincent and the Grenadines top sport in 2003.
Having moved to the USA, McLean’s interest in the sport grew. He was able to access all the magazines on the sport for much less than was possible while living in St Vincent. He was also able to attend bodybuilding contests to witness firsthand the level of preparation undertaken and the results achieved by the nation’s and world’s best. He was able to view numerous contests on television. Finally, McLean quickly learnt the location of appropriate gymnasia and the whereabouts of competent coaches whose proven records were most encouraging.
McLean won his first major title in the USA in 1990, when he walked away with top honours in the Lightweight class.
Since then, McLean has distinguished himself winning year-after-year, climbing into different weight classes along the way.
This year, McLean competed as a Light Heavyweight and next year plans to content as a Heavyweight.
McLean’s massive frame continues to show the success of his training regimen.

Towards Mr Olympia
Kurt McLean has an undying ambition to contest the Mr Olympia competition which he regards as the one contest that showcases the very best in the world. He has been pursuing this dream for a number of years, hence his string of successes along the way. At the qualifying contests for the Mr Olympia, however, McLean has not been as successful.
McLean who turned professional in 2005, still works and trains after work. This is quite unlike so many other professionals who have secured sponsorship to an extent that facilitates their full-time commitment to a training regimen that guarantees even greater success.
At the Eastern USA bodybuilding contest in 2005, McLean did enough to qualify to compete in the PNC Nationals, the qualifier for the Mr Olympia competition. At the PNC Nationals McLean placed fifth, not good enough to go on to his dream, Mr Olympia.
Earlier this year McLean again qualified to go to the PNC Nationals which was held in Dallas, Texas. This time around McLean finished third, again not good enough to take him to the prestigious Mr Olympia. There were 34 athletes in the Light Heavyweight category in which McLean competed at the Dallas contest and to have finished third must be seen as an incredible achievement.