Kurt McLean’s international forays continue

What may have bothered McLean at this year’s PNC Nationals was the fact that he had earlier defeated the athlete who eventually emerged the winner in Dallas and they both have the same coach.
But McLean remains undaunted by the failure yet again to qualify for Mr Olympia. He is committed to getting there and when he steps up in class next year he hopes that he would have done enough training to make it through.

National Recognition
McLean has been working and training for the most part on his own. He receives some measure of support from the Vincentian leadership of Square Deal Shippers in the USA, w
hom he admits have always been in his corner since he started competing in the USA.
Unfortunately for McLean, he receives little support from St Vincent and the Grenadines per se.
There are times when he feels all alone while attempting to raise the flag of this country in another of the many sports in which Vincentians compete.
He feels that he has done much to keep the Vincy flag flying proudly in sports arenas around the USA and commits to doing so for as long as his massive frame would allow his to do so.
During his career he has never once been approached to engage in any sort of promotion of his native St Vincent and the Grenadines yet he is ever willing to do so at any time.
He is a genuinely committed Vincentian athlete who is proud to be representing his native land.
McLean arrived home for the Christmas holidays on Wednesday, 13th December.
Should you see a massive physical frame moving gracefully through the streets of St Vincent and the Grenadines, do not be afraid. It is not the Incredible Hulk. It is simply a very proud Vincentian athlete, bodybuilder Kurt McLean.
Welcome home Kurt!